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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 25, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00. time for a little weather. and get ready for the rain. >> don't think it will mess in the commute too much this morning. we have clouds moving in most of that rainfall located in far northern california right now. but looks like it is heading south throughout the day today. so yeah, be prepared. likely going to see some rain a little bit later on. our hi-def doppler radar is showing you some of that moisture just off the coastline. some of that going to start to slide in toward ukiah in the next couple of hours so starting out in the north bay in the morning and pressing around the rest of the bay area this afternoon. so out the door this morning, overlooking san jose not too bad. a little cool in spots. 37 degrees right now in santa rosa. 47 in san jose. and 51 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we are going to see some showers outside, wet, cooler in the area, 40s at the coastline, 60s in the bay and the valleys. good morning, everybody. we are going to start off once again in the fremont area where the intersection of fremont boulevard at decoto road remains shut down.
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it will be closed until at least 8:00 this morning. the police department is investigating this morning's fatal accident involving a car and motorcyclist. the motorcyclist pronounced dead at the scene and the driver of the car has been arrested. the police department believed every believes alcohol could be a factor -- the police department believes alcohol could be a factor in this accident. use thornton and alvarado niles as an alternate. freeways are looking good. no, no major accidents on the bay area freeways. still wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you plan to commute on 80 through emeryville, live pictures of the drive. 80 is still wide open both ways through berkeley as you roll towards emeryville and richmond. that's a look at the commute. guys? >> thank you, liza. happening today, ecigarette smokers may soon have to follow the same rules as those that smoke regular cigarettes. kpix 5's kiet do live down in san jose now. santa clara county supervisors will vote on cracking down on
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those ecigarettes later this morning, right? >> reporter: exactly. yeah. they were going after fast food joints for a while. but now santa clara county is continuing its push for public health by wanting to treat electronic cigarettes just like regular cigarettes. ecigarettes are battery- operated devices that use heat to turn a liquid into a vapor that looks just like smoke and that's inhaled and exhaled by the user. now, the county resolution seeks to ban them because the fda says the health risks are unknown and that the vapor also contains carcinogens. you add in nicotine to the ecigarettes and the county reports it could potentially be a gateway for teen smoking. what's more, researchers at ucsf followed a small group of 88 ecigarette users for a year and found the devices did not help them quit or reduce smoking. >> no association with trying ecigarettes and quitting smoking at one year follow-up. >> i never want to smoke a real cigarette again. >> reporter: many swear by them even though the signs are still
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out. about 100 cities and counties across the country already ban them. santa clara county debates this topic at 9:00 this morning. >> you touched on it but supporters of the bill seem to be concerned about the message it's going to send to the kids. >> yeah. so they are worried that when kids see adults standing on a curb holding an ecigarette with smoke, even though it's not a real cigarette, that that dismantles years of a taboo on public smoking and that sends the wrong message to the kids. >> thank you, kiet do live in san jose. new this morning, check out this massive geyser water erupting in san francisco in the tenderloin neighborhood. a river of water spilled into the intersection hyde and o'farrell streets after a car slammed into a hydrant just before 1:00 this morning. crews working to restore water.
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a motorcyclist is dead in fremont after colliding with a car and the car's driver is under arrest. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the scene of fremont boulevard and decoto road. cate. >> reporter: michelle, it's going to take quite some time before these roads open up. if you take a look right now, look at the debris on the roads. we are at the intersection of fremont and decoto road. you see all these evidence markers and a lot of debris scattered across this intersection. it's a very active investigation. right now, investigators believe that may have had something to do with this tragic accident. let's tell you what happened. just after 1:00 this morning, fremont police got a call from a taco bell employee about a possible drunk driver headed towards fremont. now, as officers were driving towards the scene, they spotted the mini cooper and they say the officers tried to catch up with the driver and that's when he crashed into a pole. that's when the car also caught on fire. as officers got to this intersection and tried to chase the suspect on foot at decoto
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road and fremont, they were flagged down by other drivers who told them there was a person lying in the intersection next to a motorcycle. fremont police say it appears the two crashed earlier. that motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene. we know that the driver is now in custody. also has been identified as 23- year-old alexander yaun from emeryville. his blood was drawn for a dui check. police say this intersection is expected to be shut down until 6:00 this morning. live in fremont, cate caugiran, kpix 5. a five-hour search for suspects caught breaking into a home in palo alto came up empty. a woman with her baby came home last night around 6:30 to find a back door forced open. she immediately got out and called 911. live surveillance video through a smartphone showed two men inside. the suspects were long gone by the time the officers got inside the house. lawns in one san jose neighborhood are turning brown but it's not the drought. about 20 homes on moreland way have large patches of dead
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grass. homeowners say vandals are poisoning their grass and they call it lawn tagging. damages to one lawn alone are estimated at $5,000. >> violated, you know? i mean, it's just -- you try really hard to do what you can, you know? mow lawns and doing all this stuff and it gets damaged for no reason. >> neighbors have filed a police report and are offering a $1,000 reward to capture the lawn taggers. happening today san francisco police will meet with the bernal heights community now to discuss a deadly officer- involved shooting that happened last week. yesterday mourners gathered at the park where police shot and killed 28-year-old alejandro nieto friday night. officers said nieto pointed a gun at them. friends said it was a taser. there is a meeting tonight at an elementary school. vallejo wants to bring some
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of the dirtiest and highly explosive crude oil to benicia by rail. the refinery has kept that information quiet for more than a year. vallejo represents faced tough questions from christin ayers. >> reporter: before a packed crowd in benicia, representatives from oil giant valero admitted this publicly for the first time. >> crude oil that's derived from tar sands may be a candidate if it fits our profile. >> reporter: you heard that right. the new project that valero is pitching will very likely roll canadian tar sands, some of the dirtiest crude oil, to benicia and its refinery. that's not all. are we talking about bakken being transported as well through benicia. if bakken crude is one of the oil available by rail it could make its way to our plant possibly. >> reporter: he is talking about highly explosive fracked north dakota bakken crude oil, the kind that fueled this explosive fire that killed 47
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people in quebec, canada, last summer. 50 car trains full of bakken and tar sands could snake through this area. 70,000 barrels a day and people who live here worry it's a recipe for disaster. canadian tar sands crude brings its own set of problems. >> when you start to refine those heavier dirtier crude oil that comes through these communities. >> reporter: it could mean a catastrophic spill or fire in a derailment, one that first responders are not prepared for. legislators determined that incident command is not prepared to handle a major disaster. what do you say to that? >> well, our local teams and the railroad and our local community is clearly capable of responding to an incident that happens. >> reporter: vallejo insisted tonight their project will create jobs, 120 temporary construction positions and 20
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permanent ones. but some beniciaians believe the trade-off isn't worth it. >> we have no guarantee of the safety that will be provided. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> valero also defended railcars called .111. they are supposed to make transport and crude oil safer but they don't farewell in the deadly quebec disaster last july. some of the train's brakes failed and the cars rolled down a hill and exploded killing 47 people in a small town. questions being raised about the teardown of a $9.4 million bike path connector on the new bay bridge that was only there for 7 months. caltrans says the pricy half mile connector was temporarily put up until demo crews could get the old bridge out of the way so why not just delay the opening of the bike path in the first place? our phil matier put that question to caltrans. >> reporter: why did we spend that money just to tear it
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down? >> the thought was that the bike path is an integral part of the design of the new bridge and there was high demand for this. this is a thing we had to do in order to open it for everybody. we knew it would cost money. we knew it was temporary. it was really just about making it open for everyone. it was about doing it all at one time. >> in the end the cost of the temporary bike path came to about $47,000 a day. time now 5:10. families are outraged after the announcement that a missing plane crashed with no survivors. the next step in the investigation coming up. >> and the stanford student drawing national attention at the ncaa tournament. and he never played basketball. tell you all about it. >> we have hi-def doppler radar tracking your spring storm. when you can expect some raindrops. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and an overnight fatal accident has shut down fremont boulevard approaching decoto road. i'll give you some alternates to the closure and give you a complete look at your drive into work in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crashed into the indian oce. families of flight 370 passengers are devastated and now demanding answers after learning that missing plane crashed in the indian ocean. [ screaming ]
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>> yesterday, the malaysian prime minister announced that satellite data shows the plane went down in the south indian ocean and no one survived. relatives upset and had to be taken out on stretchers. the search is on for the plane or any debris from the crash but as susan mcginnis reports, time now is running out for searchers looking to solve the mystery. reporter: relatives of passengers on board flight 370 are angry, planning protests and threatening hunger strikes, this after their worst fears were confirmed. [ screaming ] >> reporter: malaysia's prime minister announced monday that more satellite analysis has led investigators to conclude the plane did indeed crash in the southern indian ocean with no survivors. >> my heart breaks to think of the unimaginable pain of the families. >> reporter: for searchers, it's now a race against the
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clock to find the black boxes to help them solve the mystery of how and why the plane went down. the boxes emit signals for 30 and possibly up to 45 days after a crash. adverse weather shut down today's search. when it resumes, searchers will focus on an area pinpointed as the plane as last position in the indian ocean, a spot where several countries reported seeing debris from the air. >> let's be clear, to this point in time we have not successfully identified and recovered any debris. >> we're not searching for a needle in a haystack. we're still trying to define where the haystack is. >> reporter: even with the latest information, the search remains daunting. susan mcginnis, cbs 2 news. >> malaysian airlines says it is now making plans to fly families to australia once the wreckage is found. now to developing news out of virginia. a civilian shot and killed a taylor at a naval base in norfolk. it happened at 11:30 last night aboard a ship. not a lot of details are being
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released. a base man is confirmedthe base the largest naval installation in the world was locked down after the shooting of the sailor. 5:16. a check of traffic. you are already busy. >> it's been a busy start to this commute. we began the show with this accident still out there and the fatal accident has shut down fremont boulevard approaching decoto road. we heard from cate caugiran, who is out there on the scene, tells us that they do expect this intersection to be shut down until at least 6:00 this morning. overnight fatal accident involving a car and a motorcyclist. a lot of folks use decoto road to get towards the dumbarton bridge and with that intersection shut down, air going to want to use paseo padre to get to the dumbarton. the bridge commutes are fine. san mateo bridge still very light for the drive out of hayward heading towards the foster city area as with the bay bridge commute, all the overnight roadwork we had on
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the span has been picked up. and westbound traffic now looks okay leaving oakland approaching the toll plaza. the metering lights are off there. now, the altamont pass yesterday we had a very tough commute this morning. already delayed you can see all the yellow there westbound traffic slow now from the 205 interchange approaching vasco road. mass transit off to a good start still no delays for the bart system, ferries, caltrain or the altamont commuter express. and i-80 as it rolls through emeryville so far has been trouble-free with no big delays for i-80 in both directions as it rolls through emeryville. you can see the taillights there, i-80 approaching powell. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." now to lawrence. all right. things could be getting a little wet around the bay area today. the storm clouds are headed our way right now. in fact, our hi-def doppler radar is tracking the storm system most of that just off the coastline right now but it won't be long it's going to start to see some rain falling in parts of the north bay at least and then spreading to the south throughout the day. yikes right now that nice line of storms just off the
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coastline will bring with it some rain into far northern california to begin with and then as we head in toward the latter part of the morning that's sweeping into parts of the north bay and then the rest of the bay area in throughout the afternoon. so yeah, be prepared if you are headed out the door, grab that rain jacket and you will. you'll likely need -- and umbrella, you'll likely need it today. more unsettled weather this week into the weekend. so with that in mind, we are getting ready for a return to cold wintry weather as the system slides through bringing in some rain and some below normal temperatures for much of the state. if you are traveling today, be careful. you have some rain developing into the central valley later on today and snow into the high country a whole lot of snow over the next 48 hours. looking at up to 2 feet of snow across the high country so if you are headed in that direction the next couple of days, bring your changes. computer models showing you the system sliding through not the strongest storm we've seen but this afternoon, more showers picking up around the bay area. then tomorrow morning, early
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on, could be a real soaker in the early parts of the day. and then tapering off to more scattered showers unsettled weather right into thursday. temperature-wise we're looking at cooler numbers today. 50s and 60s for highs. over the next couple of days, more rain on and off for the first full week of spring. looking a lot like winter outside as we see showers and strong storms saturday maybe more rain on monday. >> when was the last time you had a forecast like that? >> not all winter i don't think. >> we needed this in the wintertime. >> we'll take it now. >> we will. thanks, lawrence. who would have thought a guy playing a cowbell would become an overnight sensation? but this guy has. >> he has a serious case of march madness. check him out. ♪[ music ] >> he has some moves. i can tell you that. that's alex chang playing the cowbell for the stanford marching band. >> boom. >> there you go. favorite part. >> alex is an engineering student from los altos.
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>> yeah. a little coffee there. a lot of coffee. >> yes. march madness is trending right now. also trending, judge joe brown. the celebrity judge was jailed on a contempt of court charge yesterday. nick cannon, the singer posted a picture of himself wearing white face sparking internet debate. he is promoting his album. mud slide. the death toll to 14 in washington state. mh370. malaysia's prime minister says the flight ended in the southern indian ocean. follow us on twitter at #cbssf. 5:20. more on that mud slide. dozens are missing after the slide in washington state. coming up, at 5:30, what could make the rescue effort even more difficult in the coming days. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the cal and stanford win trial to get not sweet sixteen and the sharks look to punch their tickets to the stanley cup play-offs coming up. ,, ,,
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we have a major closure at this hour on fremont city streets. fremont boulevard shut down approaching decoto road. all of this because of an overnight fatal accident involving a car and motorcycle. again, this intersection will be shut down. take paseo padre if you need to get to the dumbarton.
5:24 am
i'll have more "kcbs traffic" still ahead. good morning, everyone. the san jose sharks had a chance to clinch a play-off berth for the 10th straight year last night. todd mcclelland's team went into a shootout and they got the point they needed for a play-off berth in the skills competition, alex gives up his first-ever shootout goal. and then ramos stops james shepherd to steal it and the sharks lose, 2-1. stanford looking to get back to the sweet sixteen took a while to get it on but lady cardinals beat florida state 63- 44. could lindseybaylor runs away beats cal women by 75-56. now, the cal men in the sweet sixteen of the n.i.t., tyrone wallace and the bears all over visiting arkansas.
5:25 am
they advance 75-64 in berkeley. the terrelle pryor era in oakland appears to be over. the 24-year-old raider quarterback reportedly wants out after the team traded for matt schaub. reggie mackenzie the gm confirmed the team is trying to trade him and if they can't, they will probably release him. changes with the oakland raiders. so the stanford women and the stanford men both going to the sweet sixteen in the ncaa tournament. congratulations to them. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, we have nba action. clippers and bucks. crawford off the rebound finds griffin who does the rest with the fine little finish and see you later, he dunks it down on the transition. clippers get the win and more importantly, oh, look at that behind the back, slo-mo, it's much better and look at griffin puts it up and in. your play of the day right there. >> was that a little fake? >> that's a little ball fake. >> all right. 5:25 right now.
5:26 am
search teams in washington are desperately looking for survivors buried in mud. the effort to free the dozens still trapped coming up. >> reporter: and breaking news out of fremont. investigators are looking into a fatal accident that killed a motorcyclist. why police didn't know about the accident until they arrested the suspect. those details coming up. ,,,,,,
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. s completely your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. electronic cigarettes could soon be banned in santa clara county. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. >> san francisco streets completely overrun with water and a man under arrest.
5:30 am
what led to all the chaos. >> a little more water coming our way. we have a spring storm headed in our direction. we'll let you know when it will hit coming up. >> and a fatal accident shut down busy fremont boulevard approaching decoto road. we'll have details on this closure, give you some alternates with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, march 25. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. and we begin with some developing news in washington state. 14 people are now confirmed dead from a massive mud slide in a rural area north of seattle and dozens more remain unaccounted for. cbs reporter bigad shaban says the exact number of missing is uncertain. >> reporter: search teams in washington state are using canoes and recover craft to look for signs of life in thick mud. 40 feet deep in some places. officials are trying to determine exactly how many people are missing following the deadly mud slides. they are working off a list of
5:31 am
176 people that could include duplicates. >> they are not individuals that are deceased. they are not individuals that are injured. they are not individuals that are missing. they are 176 reports. >> reporter: on monday, members of one crew along the western edge of the slide area were forced to retreat fearing more mud slides. others in the area are on standby to help find their friends. >> they're grandparents and the whole family so you do have in a certain amount of attachment. >> reporter: president obama has declared an emergency in the state ordering federal aid to help the struggling community. authorities believe recent heavy rainfall in the area made the ground unstable and caused saturday's mud slide in the rural area of oso washington north of seattle. hope for rescuing additional survivors appears to be fading. >> until that point that we feel we need to just stop, we're going to keep going. >> for now, the search is still in the rescue phase.
5:32 am
bigad shaban, cbs news, arlington, washington. >> the mud slide destroyed at least 30 homes and blocked an entire rote and more fridaying likely in the same area since rain is the in forecast throughout the week up in washington. >> that is not good. dangerous situation there. we haven't had to worry about too many mud slides in the bay area because we haven't seen that much rain but we are going to get that rain going a little today. not the strongest storm we've seen but it's nice to see a spring storm. some of the rain in far northern california toward eureka. it will take some time before it gets here so looks like most of that rainfall is going to start in the north bay first later on this morning and then into the middle of the day in the afternoon it spreads across the rest of the bay area. temperature-wise, if you are headed out the door we have some partly cloudy skies, temperatures dropping to 37 now in santa rosa 51 in san francisco. 49 degrees into concord. this afternoon, expect some showers on and off throughout the afternoon hours and the temperatures will be noticeably cooler. 50s along the coastline. 60s inside the bay and the
5:33 am
valleys. and we have plenty more rain on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with liza. >> reporter: good morning. we are going to start off once again in fremont. we have been talking about this fatal accident that happened overnight. fremont boulevard at decoto road still closed and we're now hearing that it is expected to be shut down until at least 8:30 or 9:00 this morning all of this because of that fatal accident involving a car and motorcycle. again with that intersection shut down, you're going to want to take thornton or alvarado niles. if you normally take decoto road to get to the dumbarton bridge, take paseo padre during the closure. the san mateo bridge looking okay westbound traffic still moving well approaching the toll plaza. the bay bridge commute getting a little crowded now. you can see there is a bit of a line now in at least a couple of those cash lanes. the fastrak lanes are still doing okay. and those metering lights are off. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? >> liza, thank you. some breaking news in
5:34 am
fremont. police have a driver under arrest after a crash this morning that killed a motorcyclist. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us from the scene at fremont boulevard and decoto road. cate. >> reporter: michelle, investigators certainly have their work cut out for them. if you take a look here at the scene of the accident, debris is scattered everywhere. you can see investigators have placed evidence markers down as they continue their work here at the intersection of fremont and decoto road. now, this accident happened though hours ago but police weren't even aware it happened until they caught the suspect. it was other drivers who had to tell police a motorcyclist was lying on the side of the road. that person was pronounced dead on the scene. >> you see debris in the road but the body was on the right- hand side of the road. it wasn't until they were going after the suspect that they were alerted bypassing motorists that there was a body on the side of the road. at that point, multiple officers were on scene. many came back to the area and
5:35 am
did in fact see that it was a body. >> reporter: there was a call at 1:00 from a taco bell about a belligerent driver. fremont police were made aware of the cyclist. the suspect has been identified as 23-year-old alexander yaun [ phonetic ] from emeryville. roads will be closed until around 9:00 this morning. live from fremont, cate caugiran, kpix 5. new this morning, check out this massive fountain of water in the tenderloin at hyde and o'farrell after a car slammed into the hydrant around 1 a.m.
5:36 am
crews working to mop it up and restore water to some feature buildings. but what a mess. happening today, ecigarette smokers could soon have less places to light up in santa clara county. board of supervisors will vote to apply rules against them. >> reporter: if the ban passes you won't be able to use the electronic cigarettes around county buildings and health facilities. they are battery-operated devices that use heat to vaporize a liquid that looks like smoke and you breathe it in and out. the county resolution seeks to ban them because the fda says the health risks are unknown and that the vapor contains carcinogens. add in nicotine and it could be a gateway for teen smoking according to the report. researchers at ucsf followed a small group of 88 ecig users for a year and found the
5:37 am
devices did not help them quit or reduce smoking. >> because these cigarettes are unregulated, consumers cannot know, do not know, what they are putting into their bodies. there have been no long-term studies of the health effects. >> if in the end they find out there's something negative, they would like to know that sooner rather than later. >> reporter: many of the people who use the ecigs swear by them even though the science is still out. about 100 cities and counties across the country already ban them. the county debates this topic at 9:00 this morning. >> california has been tough on ecigarettes, right? >> reporter: yes. out of the 100 cities and counties across the country that ban ecigs, 40 of them are right here in california. >> kiet do live for us down in san jose, thank you. happening today, berkeley's city council will reconsider a plan to exterminate rodents. the city received thousands of emails protesting the plan to trap and kill squirrels and
5:38 am
gophers at cesar chavez park. berkeley has tried control the rodents there for years. the park is on top of a former landfill and the fear is they will dig into an underground clay cap causing toxins to leak into the bay. supreme court justices will look into whether corporations have religious rights that exempts them from providing birth control coverage to employees. the new healthcare law requires companies to provide that service. the panel has never before ruled that profit-making businesses have religious rights. the companies set to argue before the court today said they should be protected under a 1993 religious freedom law. news that amazon and comcast could be teaming up is costing some other companies big time on wall street. jill wagner reports from in new york. >> reporter: good morning. a sell-off in tech stocks dragged down the markets yesterday, facebook, amazon, google were all lower.
5:39 am
netflix saw a big loss after apple and comcast are teaming up on a new video service. that could be more competition in the internet viewing market. that's dominated by netflix. yesterday the dow was down 26. nasdaq down 50. disney is buying youtube channel operator maker studios for $500 million. maker has 380 million scribers and has 5.5 billion views a month one of the largest youtube audiences. they also hope to find talent for its tv shows and movies among the stars on youtube. and how would you like to get paid to buy a new computer? microsoft says if you are still using windows xp it will give you $100 cash back if you buy a computer from the microsoft online store. microsoft will stop supporting the 13-year-old operating system in april. analysts say at least 10% of government computers still run on the old system and so do
5:40 am
many bank atm machines and that could pose a challenge when microsoft stops providing tech support for xp. >> that could be challenging. jill, tell us about the record setting girl scout cookie seller. >> reporter: so a girl scout has crumbled the record for the most girl scout cookies ever sold. 12-year-old katie francis of oklahoma city sold 18,107 boxes of cookies in just 7 weeks. the previous record was 18,000. her recipe for success, she said she asked everyone she sees to buy a box and she says her top seller is thin mints, by a long shot. i'm not surprised by that, frank and michelle. i love thin mints. >> that's my favorite. >> she must know a lot of people. 18,000 boxes? >> she is good. she is on to something. maybe go into business. >> sales anyway. >> marketing, hey. >> reporter: we'll have to keep
5:41 am
our eye on her. >> jill wagner of, have a great day, thanks. it is 5:41 now. coming up, the rescue effort is called off for the 239 people on board that missing malaysia airliner. the race against time isn't over. >> a ride home turns into a scary night for one caltrain commuter. how she ended up abandoned in an empty railyard. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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plane crashed into the indi ocean. devastated families of flight 370 passengers are refusing to give up hope after being told the missing plane crashed into the indian ocean. family members and supporters demonstrated on the streets of beijing as they marched toward the malaysia embassy as they demand answers. the efforts are focused on a remote area of the southern indian ocean. search teams are determined to get proof that has been incredibly difficult to find. >> a turning point for us will be when we pull some piece of debris from the surface of the ocean and positively identify it as being part of the jet. >> for searchers it's a race against the clock to find the black boxes to help them solve the mystery of how and why the plane went down. the boxes emit signals for 30 and possibly up to 45 days after a crash. it was the g8 now it's the g7 because russia is out.
5:45 am
president obama other leaders of the group of 7 countries are in the netherlands now. they announced yesterday they are skipping the meeting planned for june in russia because of the annexation every crimea. they will go to brussels instead. the russian foreign minister called the g8 a club and said [ indiscernible ] how one can be ex--- and how can one be expelled from it? a woman fell asleep on a train and ended up in a railyard at the end of the day. kpix 5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: for 23-year-old jessica method, caltrain is her preferred form of transportation. >> something i appreciate about being on the train is i can rest or relax. >> reporter: a couple of fridays ago, the professor's assistant at stanford got a little too relaxed falling asleep after dinner with friends. her stop is usually the end of the line. the san jose diridon station. >> i woke up and i was on the train and there was nobody on the train and then i realized
5:46 am
that i was in the train yard. >> reporter: it was 12:30 in the morning. her cell phone was dead and the train yard is more than a little creepy so she began yelling. but that didn't work. >> i broke the glass of the emergency stop functions and fire hoping to sound some kind of alarm. no alarm sounded. >> reporter: finally she made it into the conductor's car which should have been locked. >> i got on the radio and called for help. >> reporter: the first thing caltrain said is not sorry but asked if she was junk. eventually she got a ride back to diridon from caltrain workers and posted this letter on the caltrain facebook page. caltrain officials did apologize but jessica wants to make sure caltrain is checking trains more thoroughly and puts a safeguard so others don't get stranded after a nap. >> there is no way to alert anyone by yelling. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix
5:47 am
5. >> can you imagine dozing off on a train? >> no. >> caltrans says it has disciplined the employee who forgot to check the cars to see if anybody sleeping was left behind. >> and also disciplined for leaving the conductedder as cabin unlocked even though it was the only way the passenger got out. >> i think i would wake up when the train stopped. liza, you said sometimes there are signs? >> this is on bart. i have seen this before where someone will have a sign on them, please wake me up before we get to the powell street station. and people will do it! okay. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the "kcbs traffic" commute this morning. so far it's looking okay on bay area freeways. we don't have any major accidents for bay area freeways. and 580 is beginning to jam up leaving the 205 interchange approaching vasco. so far, there is some movement as you head closer to the 580/680 interchange. no delays as of yet heading down the dublin grade and, of course, we are continuing to watch fremont city streets
5:48 am
where fremont boulevard remains shut down approaching decoto road because of that overnight fatal accident. crews expect to be on scene until possibly 9:00 this morning as they investigate that accident. if you are heading for highway 4, it is beginning to slow down just as you approach "a" street. it does pick up through pittsburg heading into concord down the willow pass and the bay bridge commute is now crowded just in those cash lanes outside lanes. the fastrak lanes are still looking okay and the metering lights are still off. if you plan to make the i-80 commute through emeryville, so far that has been trouble-free. you can see lots of room there so far westbound 80 moving well approaching powell. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." now to lawrence. liza, a spring storm heading in our direction. this loose like a little soak your but it opens up the door to much-needed rain over the next few days. out the door we go. some of that rainfall just off the coastline it will take some time before it gets here but i think starting in the morning hours, in parts of the north bay, then the middle of the day in the afternoon, i think that
5:49 am
rain will start to spread further to the south throughout the bay area. be prepared out the door. grab that umbrella. light jacket. you may need it today. the temperatures will be noticeably cooler, as well. that rain spreading to the south in the afternoon. and then more rain on the way throughout the weekend possibly this weekend, as well. all right. cold front making its way toward the bay area, high pressure that brought us sunshine is moving east wards. this system going to slowly work its way in our direction today. behind that, you have a lot of cold air very unstable air so there's a possibility we could see some thunderstorms and showers overnight tonight and into tomorrow. traveling around the state a different story here today, you're going to see a lot of showers developing and headed to the high country. be prepared grab the chains. you're going to need those over the next few days. probably through the weekend. going to see one to two feet of snow through about thursday. the snow level dropping down to about 5500 feet. of course, the heavier amounts of snow across the higher peaks. here we go. the system sliding on through as we head in toward the middle of the day in the afternoon it begins to work around the rest of the bay area. not the strongest storm we have
5:50 am
seen but it's going to open the door. more rain tomorrow probably a wet commute early on tomorrow morning. then turning more towards showers continuing looks like into thursday, as well. temperatures for today much cooler. 50s coastside, 60s in the bay area and the valleys. looking out over the next few days, unsettled weather the possibility of some thunderstorms, showers continuing on and off the next five to seven days. >> we need the rain. >> here it comes. >> thank you. this guy doesn't play basketball but he is turning some heads at the ncaa tournament. he has a serious case of march madness. ♪[ music ] >> that is alex chang playing the cowbell for the stanford marching band. >> he is great. >> love the ending. >> like that move. >> alex is an engineering student from los altos.
5:51 am
>> got some energy there. 5:50. after a commuter train jumps the rails on an escalator in chicago, investigators pinpoint safety failures that may have contributed to that crash. >> newly released video shows a death-defying leap off the world trade center. why the stuntmen say it's the sign of a much bigger problem. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at let's check your pollen report for today. the rain coming in is going to keep the mounted lower but as that rain starts to give way to a little sunshine, we'll see that pollen count soar on friday. all dar, ash and juniper the main concerns. >> and it is a slow commute for all those drivers leaving the
5:54 am
altamont pass. backups beginning at the 205 interchange. it stays heavy in pockets heading towards 680 and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are still off. it's now backed up from about the 880 overcrossing. some developing news in texas. u.s. coast guard hopes to re- open the houston shipping channel later today. a barge collided with a ship on saturday dumping about 170,000 gallons of heavy oil into the water. officials believe most of the oil is drifting into the gulf of mexico, lessening the impact now on the bird habitats. the channel is one of the busiest seaports in the country. federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused a commuter train to jump the tracks at o'hare international airport in chicago. it derailed around 3 a.m. yesterday crossing a platform and hitting an escalator. 30 people were hurt. the train operator admits she fell asleep before the trash. but that doesn't explain why other safety devices failed, including metal bars designed to rise up when a train is
5:55 am
coming in too fast. new this morning, the daredevils that jumped off the new world trade center in new york city have been arrested. this happened back in september. three men got on top of the building in the middle of the night and parachuted down to a car waiting for them. this is video taken by the jumpers. all three men and the driver were arrested yesterday after a six-month investigation. their lawyer says the men showed a major vulnerability in security at th new tower. >> my client said how surprised he was at how there was no security whatsoever. how easy it was to just walk right up there and something that the mayor has just recently described as the number one terrorist target in the world. >> since that incident, a teenager crawled in through a hole in a fence and climbed up the same tower to take pictures. that happened last week. it's 5:56.
5:56 am
breaking news out of fremont. police have shut down a major intersection after a motorcyclist was killed. what led up to this accident and how one fast food employee tried to stop it from happening. >> reporter: electronic cigarettes once touted as a cure for smoking could soon be banned in santa clara county themselves. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. ,,,, to dinner.t impossible to get them to sit down that's why we have... kfc dip'ems! a kfc dip'ems bucket, 20 extra crispy tenders. 6 awesome sauces. i mean he's sitting still, this is kind of miraculous.
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5:58 am
5:59 am
the street turns into a river overnight after a taxi hit a fire hydrant in the tenderloin the tower of water up to 60 feet. >> just a phenomenon. we don't know what it is or, you know, what kind of chemical they're using. >> lawns in one san jose neighborhood are turning brown. homeowners say vandals their grass and they call it lawn -- are poisoning their grass and they call it lawn tagging. >> until that point that we feel we need to just stop, we're going to keep going. >> rescue crews worked through the night again searching for
6:00 am
any survivors after a deadly mud slide in washington state. >> nasty weather suspended the search for a missing malaysia airliner in the southern indian ocean. malaysia's prime minister now says new satellite data from a british company has led them to conclude flight 370 crashed in the indian ocean off australia. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone, tuesday is here. it's march 25. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. breaking news. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is gathering new information from the scene of a deadly motorcycle crash in fremont. fremont boulevard and decoto road is closed right now and will be for several more hours. >> reporter: yeah. they're not -- they are thinking right around 9:00 but that might be optimistic because they have a lot of work cut out for them. i want to tell you though, michelle, that police didn't even know about this accident until they


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